Reach Peak Performance

Our number one goal at Patriot Jiu-Jitsu is to help set goals that can increase our athletes’ health and physical performance. Many gyms and trainers focus on trying to lose weight on the scale which can lead to dangerous dietary practices and exercise choices. With every athlete that walks through our doors, our Health and Wellness coaches will get to know your history and lifestyle, exercise experience and goals. This will help us help our athletes to find a plan and exercise routine that will work for them and also keep them from injury as they progress through our program.

Move With Purpose

Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life
With The #1 Self Defense Martial Art In The World

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Why Choose Patriot Jiu-Jitsu

From Toddlers to 70 Year Old Students

Our Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone, regardless of gender, age or fitness level.

Train Your Body to Optimize Performance

Lose weight and get in shape. Burn more calories than your traditional gym session.

Overcome Fears and Master Skills

Every time you step on the mat you will be challenged mentally, physically, and socially.

It’s Therapeutic, Plain and Simple

Jiu-Jitsu acts as therapy, stress relief, cardio workout, competition training, and more.