Winter Ready Kids Camp

Winter Ready Kids Camp is here again and this year we’ve committed to doubling down on our time in the field running our skill based, learning operations. These operations are designed to help these kids prepare for emergency situations, natural disasters, physical or psychological confrontations. This will also teach kids about different aspects of self care, such as; proper nutrition and hydration, athletic development, coping with and managing stress, injury prevention and safety while training.

Winter to us represents hard times. Nations at war, food scarcity, natural disasters, power outages and many more. The world is far from a safe place and our training program is designed to teach kids leadership, teamwork and skills they can use to serve and protect their families and communities.

Kids 8 week Winter Training Camp Blog

8 Week Training Camp

This year, our 8 week training camp begins June 7th and will run through July 30th. Over these 8 weeks our Junior Guardians in training will learn leadership and teamwork skills by working in teams to serve and protect each other. Our course curriculum will include:

  • Athletic Development and Self Care
  • Counter-Bullying and Self Defense
  • Emergency First Aid (Self/Buddy)
  • Wilderness Survival and Rescue

Our Final Exercise(FinX) will include a Search and Rescue mission during which our kids will incorporate their new skills to solve problems in the beautiful Southern Utah mountains and save the day for a very special training partner Your kids will have a blast! All while developing useful skills that can help them to become leaders in their communities. #juniorguardians #summercamp